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Shakespeare and Human Nature

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The truth of these statements has been proved both subjectively and objectively through experimentation. Studies have been made on meditators and de nature non-meditators over the years with respect to blood pressure, pulse and reaction time as well as with states of fulfillment and creativity expressed subjectively by the participants.

Isn't it peculiar how human de nature evolves through environmental and socialogical conditions? It is evident that we, as Human beings, tend to characterize our capabilities, strengths and emotional intelligence through bonds of society. As we encounter diverse walks of life we have a bizarre and acute tendency to create new personalities. Through human nature, we unintentionally become one with our counterparts. One can travel East to West, North to South and eventually evolution of the mind and soul takes its natural course.

Ever one has seen how lovingly a humming bird collects nectar from the flower?  It never hurt the petals or pains the pollen.  Has anyone seen how a sun bird collects nectar from the flower?  Has it ever harmed a flower?  Can anyone hurt a flower so beautiful?  How a beautiful bird can hurt a beautiful flower?   Is there a space for hatred in the kingdom of love? Absence of love is only called hatred.  Similarly absence of light is only called darkness. Destruction is exactly the opposite of beauty.  How beauty can harm beauty, this is the law of nature and on this principle only the entire nature has been created, the entire process of evolution has happened and is happening.  Certainly man is an exception.

We can continue to think that beyond man, no living creature in the world has the ability to value the beauty?  If the presumption of man were true, why then the evolution has poured so much of its marvel and wonder in bird kingdom.   Was evolution a blind process and was operating so amateurishly until man finds it to be faulty.  Man only discovered the blemish of nature where it was creating many species of birds so marvelously, where they neither were able to feel or experience the beauty nor could be proud of. 

So, in sum, whatever one’s anxiety condition may be, it could be do in part to nature or to nurture, or it could be due entirely to nature, or entirely to nurture.  Having an understanding and taking the time to analyze our anxiety condition is not a requirement for one to recover from anxiety, but it can be immensely helpful.  The bottom line is that, while anxiety’s presence in our lives can be due to widely varying circumstances, it can always be treated so that the afflicted individual lives a happy and fulfilling life.  No matter how daunting the task may seem, it can and will be accomplished if one continues to work at it. 

The second example that I will use is one that many of us have experienced.  Some of us, and I include myself in this category, can remember being shy and anxious around people from the time we were youngsters.  There was never a time when we can recall feeling relaxed.  This seems to confirm the nurture side of the argument.

As they say, we have not inherited this earth from our ancestors but have borrowed it from our children. We are, therefore, obliged to preserve what Charles Darwin called “endless forms of most beautiful and most wonderful” for the benefit of future generations. But what is man doing to his Mother Nature today! The forests are being slaughtered mercilessly to satisfy the needs of the teeming millions. With the vanishing of the forests, the surroundings are becoming concrete jungles. Moreover; the protective ozone layer is also being depleted which is going to affect more than half of the world population; So desperate are we to enjoy our today that tomorrow does not seem all that important. What is worse is that we have criminalised society and the violence we unleashed on Nature has left its brutal scars on us as well. The pollution of Ganga by the emissions from the Barauni Refinery, the mass poisoning of fish in the Rhine, the contamination of lake in Switzerland, the industrial waters setting in Norway’s famous fjords are alarming signals for man to realise what he is doing to Nature and retrospectively to himself. It Is by now fairly evident that we are polluting our Nature on an unprecedented scale and wrecking it in a way that makes regeneration impossible. .As a result, the marvellous creatures and plants dependent on the rich nature are limping towards extinction amid man’s cruelty.

The first example that I will use is that of someone who suffers severe anxiety during a certain situation, such as driving.  In some cases, this anxiety is brought on by the fact that this person had a traumatic experience, either recently or as a child, that has caused this person to feel anxious whenever driving.  Once the person learns to deal with this traumatic experience and then learns the proper skills to manage the anxiety, then he or she is able to drive while experience little to no anxiety at all. 
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