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Collins: Single women need a gay best friend

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Nobody writes about glitz and glamour like Jackie Collins. The 74-year-old author with 28 books under her belt has sold more than 400 million copies of her books worldwide.

Collins' latest novel, "Goddess of Vengeance," is a New York Times best-seller, and has recently been released in paperback.

Describing her love life, the "happily single" writer told "CBS This Morning co-hosts Gayle King and Erica Hill that she has a man for all seasons.

"You have guys that like to do special things because you never find that one guy that wants to do everything," Collins said. "You have one guy who loves movies, another guy who likes to go to the theater, another who wants to travel, one for sex, 온라인카지노 whatever."

>She added every single woman has to also have a gay best friend. "That is the most important thing in a single woman's life. You can go everywhere with them," she said. "They can become everything for you when you want them to. It's great."

>For more with Collins, including how she gets inspiration for her characters and what stories she avoids writing, watch the video in the player above.
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