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What animal rhymes with karma

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Shawarma Chicken

What rhymes with Connemara?
karma drama comma holla

What rhymes with llama?
mama drama pajama iguana Obama karma?

What rhymes with karma?
In the same realm, Dharma the basic principles of the cosmos in Hinduism.

What animal rhymes with scorpion?
No animal rhymes with scorpion.

What is an animal that rhymes with gift?
An animal hat rhymes with gift is an animal that is a lift.

What is the connection between karma and recarnation?
when you do something bad during your human days. You have karma. That means that your soul with moved to an animal. So basically you will be that animal until you do something good. Your soul with be back in your human body. But that karma stays with you. I think

What animal rhymes with school?
I couldn't find an animal that rhymes with school, but ghoul rhymes with school.

What animal rhymes with flute?
An animal that rhymes with flute is a newt.

What animal rhymes with rake?
A snake is an animal that rhymes with rake.

What animal rhymes with near?
The animal that rhymes with near is a deer.

What animal rhymes with witch?
Fitch is an animal that rhymes with witch.

What animal rhymes with bunny?
funny rhymes with bunny but it is not a animal

What animal rhymes with abby?
Tabby is an animal that rhymes with abby.

What animal names rhymes with trouble?
No animal name rhymes with "trouble".

Is there any animal they rhymes with zoo?
an animal that rhymes with zoo is cockatoo

What animal rhymes with stage?
Page, Cage No animal can be found that rhymes with stage.

What kind of animal is cinnabun's karma pet and what is his name?
USE IT! duuuuh.

What disgusting animal that ends rhymes with bake?
A snake which is part of the reptile animal group rhymes with bake.

What animal rhymes with line?
Swine rhymes with line.

What do Hindu's think about animal testing?
They believe it is wrong because causing harm to a animal damages your karma, and that people can return as animals.

How many times may the soul go through the cycle of birth and rebirth in hindusim?
it all depends on your "karma" if you have good karma your soul will rest. if you have bad karma then your soul will continue to live either through a human or an animal, until you do good.

What rhymes with animal?
There are no perfect rhymes for the word "animal." Some near rhymes include: mammal tangible minimal cannibal mandible seminal rational casual actual affable capital fallible flammable laughable mandible One real rhyme I know for animal is camel. but one word that I know that kinda rhymes with animal is canable. (meaning that an animal, or even a human, eating another of its kind). Cannibal

What animal rhyme with randy?
an animal that rhymes with randy is a manatee

What animal rhymes with cheetah?
The dog breed Akita rhymes with the word Cheetah.

What animal rhymes with well?
One animal that comes to mind is gazelle.

What animal name rhymes with old?
I don't think there's an animal that rhymes with old, but hey, I'm only in 8th grade, i could be wrong.

What animal rhymes with do?
kangaroo POOH

What animal rhymes with how do you do?
It's a kangaroo!

What animal rhymes with panther?
Maybe answer

What are hindus views towards Animal testing?
Due to their belief in the karma one accumulate's during one's life dictating their next life they believe that any animal born to be tested upon is purposeful and that that animal should dutifully be tested upon so as to perform their dharma (duty) and procure good karma which may improve their next rebirth.

What animal rhymes with dream?
There is no animal out there that rhymes with dream. If you really need something to rhyme with dream then either make up the name or give it a name like Moonbeam.

What is an animal that rhymes with swimmer?
Skimmer (bird)

What is in animal that rhymes with few?
kangaroo shrew

What animal rhymes with Carson?
magic banana

What rhymes with land that is an animal?
sry there is no word !

Is there an animal that rhymes with bark?
Lark Shark

What animal rhymes with reconsider?
Puppy Litter!

What animal rhymes with bog?
Frog! Or hog!

What animal rhymes with violin?
One is the lion.

What other animal rhymes with rabbit?

What animal rhymes with pest?
there's none

What animal rhymes with plane?
a crane. its a bird but

What animal rhymes with it?
fit kit nit

Which animal name rhymes with apple?
animal name that has the same vowel sound of apple.

What animal rhymes with back?
Yak-Goat like animal that looks like a llama.

What animal rhymes with orchestra?
I don't think any animal, I could be wrong though

What animal rhymes with grader?
Wader - it's a bird

What rhymes with calm animal?
palm eating canibal

What animal rhymes with side?
Pride (group of lions)

What animal rhymes with worries?
Hurries is a rhyming word.

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